Article Contest Winners

Well its been an exciting few weeks on the phpwomen forums as we’ve been running an article contest for new articles contributed to our “Best Practices” section.  We’ve been overwhelmed by the quality of the submissions and of the follow up comments added by other users – thanks to everyone who has joined in!

The judges have made their decisions and we have our winners, they are:

Congratulations to both of you – you have been messaged via the forums to request your contact details so please respond so we can sort out your prizes.  It was pretty close at the top so actually congratulations are due to all the participants – well done everyone!  And now the contest is over, I hope the forums will continue to be a fun place and a good resource for all PHP-ers – we’ll see you there :)

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7 comments on “Article Contest Winners
  1. MissYeh says:

    Congrats to Akrabat and gerard! :) Hurray Hurray

  2. KathyReid says:

    Congratulations to you both – and thanks also to everyone who contributed – there were some excellent articles.

  3. Cyrano says:

    Winners on PHPWomen are both mens… Hey, where are the PHPWomen ? ;)

  4. sonika says:

    Hi, im new on the phpwomen community, i would like to know more women programmers, :D

  5. sonika says:

    hi i have a question, when will be another contest?

  6. lornajane says:

    Cyrano: We’re inclusive and welcome participation from everyone, and the best articles won. More of the women should have submitted and then we’d have been more likely to get a female winner :)

    Sonika: To meet more women programmers, log in to the forums and introduce yourself. I’m not sure when we’ll do another contest, but when we do you will hear about it here!

  7. sonika says:

    Lorna, thanks for the information. =))

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