Bundled go-pear.phar broken in 5.2 windows releases

There was an error in go-pear.phar in PHP 5.2 snaps. Greg Beaver fixed it immediately, but the fix was NOT incorporated into the 5.2 releases for windows – however the file for the source releases is correct. If you are getting errors that look like this

Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array in
phar://go-pear.phar/PEAR/Command.php on line 268

when installing PEAR please grab the latest version of the go-pear.phar file from cvs . Another option is to use the script from Go-Pear . Save it to your system and run it using the instructions in the comments header and you’ll always have the latest versions of the PEAR package installer.

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3 comments on “Bundled go-pear.phar broken in 5.2 windows releases
  1. wenbert says:

    thanks. kinda disappointing… it should have been tested before it was released. i gave up on this a few weeks ago, but here i am again :) i should have googled it first time around hehe… thanks again!

  2. daniel says:

    your blog is not firefox compatible.

  3. Maciej says:

    “your blog is not firefox compatible.”

    Who cares?

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